Sunday, September 21, 2008

I got a job


I start work tomorrow at HeatUSA (the largest heating oil cooperative in the US) in SoHo. I am going to be taking in bound phone calls from people interested in joining Heat's heating oil cooperative. Customers generally save around 20% per year on their heating costs which will hopefully make them eager to sign up. It seems to be a great fit and in this economy I am so blessed to have found such a good job. I feel like I am a natural salesperson so I think this job will hone those skills. The office is pretty amazing as well. 23rd floor of the AT&T building in SoHo; with views of all of Manhattan. SoHo is also 10,000 times better than the financial district when it comes to restaurants, bars, location, people watching, and distance to my apartment.

But man it feels so weird to be joining the post-college real workforce. I am ready to start making money, having some consistency in my life, and being able to afford other meals besides $1 pizza slices. An amateur stock tip: when people are broke (like many Americans are now) they will buy generic and cheaper food.

I saw a guy with a beeper today.